Winter riding is awesome!

Winter riding is awesome!

Winter riding is awesome!
We are open daily throughout winter, regardless of weather, 10:00-17:00. No reason to stop riding, we supply free of charge all the gear to keep you warm and dry:

  • including gloves and shoecovers,
  • windproof jackets and pants or ponchos,
  • lights and locks, helmets

Right now is fun to ride around with our Merida Big Nine, 29er, regular bikes are available with winter tyres, or you can rent a fatbike. 4" tires give good grip and fun to ride on any terrain or deep snow.

Tallinn roads and bike paths are kept clear of snow, so use your chance and make a fun day trip or go have a adventure in a forest! 

In office we are all-year long riders so we will give you tips where to go and what to see, also we will help to find suitable bike for you. We have free city maps and on a bicycle map show you all the marked paths.

If you don't have any brave friends who want to join, then in Tallinn there is 2-4 group rides every week and they are free! So you can have a ride with local enthusiasts. These are more sporty events but it's not a competition, usually no one will be left behind in the woods. Read more about Grouprides from here.

Tallinn cycling groups are organizing rides all year round, feel free to contact us for more information.

And of course we are still do guided bike tours in winter!
Welcome to Tallinn bike tour

So there is no reason to only take bus or a train in winter, come to our office and lets have fun!

Here is small video of Winter cycling and group ride, by GoPro camera on a helmet:

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P