Transporting your bike in Estonia & the Baltics

Transporting your bike in Estonia & the Baltics

Estonia is small but sometimes you still might need to transport your bike. Here is how we have done it over the years.

Options include the train, bus, ferry and cargobus. Most corners of Estonia can be reached with public transport.

1. TRAIN: Trains are the easiest way to transport bikes. In the trains there is a special carriage marked for bikes. You can reach most larger towns in Estonia by train. Bicycles are free of charge within Estonia, a small extra charge applies in Latvia.
Train schedules and routes in Estonia by Elron 
Train tickets to St.Petersburg and Moscow, operated by Go Rail.
Train tickets in Latvia Pasazieru Vilciens

2. PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN TALLINN: Its not the best way to transport your bikes because often bus drivers complain that bikes are dirty and also that buses are only for people. So if its not packed in a cardboard box or it isn't foldable bike then its a 10% chance to transport your bike on the bus.
But if you do try to transport your bike by bus then use the middle door where there is some space for bikes. Then you will see how the bus driver reacts and hopefully they accept it.

3. LONG DISTANCE BUSES: If you want to go to another city by bus then you should call before to bus company and ask that what are the transporting conditions. Usually you don't need a box for a bike. It’s enough when you take off the front wheel and have some sort of cover, like this one here. Main problem is that the bike has to be clean. By law longhaul buses in Estonia have to take up to 2 bicycles, if they have ehough space in the luggage compartment but you can't reserve those places.
Information about bus schedules: www.tpilet.ee/en 
But you can arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the departure and stand up front to make sure you can get your bicycle to the luggage compartment. And no extra fee for transporting the bicycles (don't believe someone telling you have to pay).

4. FERRYS between mainland Estonia and islands. Tickets are sold in the terminal and the bike space is next to the cars. The crew will point you to a spot and later you don't have to wait with cars in the same queue to get onto the ferry. Just ride past the queue and show your ticket (you have to pay for your bike to transport, bags can stay on a bike).
Information about ferry times and routes.

5. CARGO SERVICE by Cargobus: If you have a bit more time and you are planning travelling to smaller places in Estonia, you can use Cargobus services. They transport all kinds of cargo with regular longhaul buses. Usually it will be sent within the same day and you can collect the bicycle from the local Cargobus Office (usually nearby bus stations). No packing needed, sometimes you may need to turn the handlebar sideways.

Average cost of sending bicycle between Estonian cities is 15-25 EUR per bicycle. They even have a courier service, which means you can order the bicycle pick-up from your accommodation and delivered to next accommodation (operates between bigger cities, like Tallinn - Tartu). Expect to pay around 20-30 EUR more. Their website has all the information and contacts.

6. City Bike courier service
For our customers who are renting bicycles or going on our self-guided tours, we also offer courier services.
We can deliver bikes to/from Pärnu, Kuressaare and Riga (Latvia), and Vilnius (Lithuania).

You have to leave the bike in the hotel/hostel in a safe place (has to be confirmed first on rental at our shop). Our courier will pick it up from there.

It costs:

  • 25 EUR from/to Pärnu and Kuressaare, Narva. 
  • 35 EUR Riga (Latvian capital)
  • 45 EUR Vilnius (Lithuanian capital), also Klaipeda per bike.

The transport has worked very well from Riga, many of our clients start from there (Riga airport is twice the size of Tallinn's). We deliver bicycles to hotels in Riga/Vilnius and customers will arrive there, bicycles already waiting and can start cycling towards Estonia.

We also transport bicycles in bigger quantities, we have trailers with capacity of 24 bicycles + minivans and we do it all over Estonia and even to Latvia and Lithuania.

We hope that this article was helpful! If not then contact us - we are always ready to help you! 

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