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Suitable for road bikes up to 62 cm frame size and smaller
for simplified packing the top shell can be completely removed
the bike is mounted with several straps and protected by several layers of foam
four free running wheels, two freely rotatable, two fixed
two carrying handles and two pull handles (one pull handle for pulling on two wheels)
the two case shells are interlocking at six points and pulled together with a self-tightening buckle for easy closing and fitting of the case
lockable with a padlock (not included)

Internal Dimensions: 1150 (825) x 810 x 280 mm
External Dimensions: 1190 x 890 x 295 mm
Package Dimensions: 1200 x 920 x 200 mm
Weight without packaging: 9.7 Kg
Weight including packaging: 11.7 Kg

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The Fulcrum Red Wind XLR H80 Cult (bought as new set 2018) is compatible with 8, 9, 10 & 11 speed Shimano Cassettes and has an Aluminium braking surface.

The Zero Dark Carbon wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Fulcrum® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Fulcrum wheels.

About Cult:
Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology™
Behind this project is the exclusiveness of Cronitect® steel; using “Advanced by FAG” technology by Schaeffler Group employed for the bearing races. This is steel which takes resistance to corrosion to the highest level; to the point that, no grease is necessary for lubrication, just a small amount of oil.

The test performed involves spinning the wheel to 500 rpms then letting it decelerate. The test results are amazing: the wheel equipped with CULT™ ball bearings continues its motion for a full 45 minutes, i.e. nine times longer than standard bearings.


Rim Profile Option: Clincher: It allows you to use the traditional clincher.
Wheelset weight: 1870g
Rim width: 20.5mm
Height: 80mm
3D hub-spoke hole for straight pull spokes providing great stiffness and long lasting spoke tension
CULT Tech bearings
Anti rotation system
Self-lock brass Nickel plated nipples
Aluminium/carbon fibre composite construction
Aluminium braking surface
Front wheel: Weight: 850g
18 radial aero spokes - low drag force
Rear wheel: Weight: 1020
21 Two-to-One spoke ratio (14:7) - more effective transmission of the drive torque and appropriate distribution of the stresses.

Selcof Ultra Disc Carbon Time Trial rear wheel:

Carbon fibre disc skinned rear wheel
Low profile hub for minimum drag
11-speed freehub
Japaneze EZO bearings
3K carbon disc over tri-spoke inner.
Low profile hub
High Tg resin braking surface
Clichher versions
Use only Carbon/ Cork brake pads
Weight: 1260gms
Axial /radial runout less than 1mm
Rim width: 24.5mm EXT / 17.5mm INT

 Rattakohvri rendi hinnakiri (sisaldab pakkimiseks vajalikke lisasid):

  • Nädalavahetus, R-P 25 EUR,
  • 1 nädal 25€,
  • 2 nädalat 35€,
  • deposiit 100€.

Fulcrum red wing xlr 80 cult jooksud (clincher)

Selcof ketas ja PRO fourspoke esijooks (clincher)

Fulcrum Red Wind XLR H80 Cult jooksupaari rendihind (25mm rehvidega)

  • Nädalavahetus, R-P 70 EUR,
  • 1 nädal 100€,
  • 2 nädalat 130€,
  • deposiit 200€.

Pro 4 Ray's esijooks ja Selcof ketas (25 mm rehvidega)

  • Nädalavahetus, R-P 70 EUR,
  • 1 nädal 100€,
  • 2 nädalat 130€,
  • deposiit 200€.


“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”