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Daytour to Sõrve Peninsula

Sõrve Peninsula is absolutely amazing and one of our favourite places on Saaremaa island. Sõrve is not so known among Estonias and therefore less populated and more relaxed. Juniper fields, sandy beaches, road next to the sea with great views, a lot of space and air - you just can't miss it. Now you can discover this beauty by bike as a daytour from Kuressaare. 

Total distance: 45 km by car, 56 km cycling.

Tour start is at 09:00 from Kuressaare from hotel Staadioni (Staadioni street 4).

Car ride to Sõrve (about 45 km) will skip all the boring parts. You will be dropped off in Sääre, next to the Sõrve lighthouse. Cycling route starts from there and you will cycle back to Kuressaare.

If you like, you can make the whole tour on bike. Total distance is 102 km. We have cyclo cross bikes for a rent as well and those are suitable for the tour. 

 Sõrve Peninsula Daytour price is 55 EUR* per person.

Price includes:

  • Bike rent for a day
  • Transfer to Sääre
  • Map
  • Detailed route description: turn-to-turn instructions, sights, lunch options, prices

* At least 2 people group. In case of 1 person, price is 80 EUR per person. 

If you make it all by bike (no transfer, total cycling distance 102 km) the tour price is 25 EUR per person. Price includes trekking bike rent for a day, map and route description. 


Sõrve Peninsula tour

Route is mainly flat and on smaller paved roads with very little traffic. Last 20 km from Läätsa to Kuressaare is bicycle road. 

Route is suitable for trekking/touring bike and for cyclo cross bikes (we have them for rent as well)


  • Sõrve Lighthouse and end of peninsula. Climb to the top of the lighthouse for amazing views to the peninsula and walk to the end of Saaremaa
  • Road from Sääre to Jämaja is just stunning -close to the sea with greate views
  • Ohessaare cliff and rock stacks, build your own there
  • Jämaja Graveyard. Even if you are not a fan of graveyards, this one is unique. It used to be on the isaland once, now peninsula, surrounded with sandy beach. 
  • Twisty road from Jämaja to Lõupõllu shows you an other side of "flat" Saaremaa. It goes up and down and has a numerious twists.
  • Järve Dunes. Bike road from Läätsa to Kuressaare runs close to the sea. You have empty sandy beach on your right all the way. 

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P