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Seatpost bags, frame bags and handlebar harnesses and cooking equipment. And we know all the best routes around the country!

For rent

  • Seatpost bags:
    • Ortlieb Seatpack 16,5L
      PodSacs seatpost bag 10L
      PRO seatpost bag 15L
  • Frame bags:
    • Ortlieb Frame Pack 4L
    • PRO Frame bag 5,5L
    • Planet-X frame bag 4,5L
    • Rosweel frame bag 3,5L
  • Harness for handle bar:
    • Ortlieb Handlebar Pack 9L
    • Podsacs Handlebar bag 8,5L
    • PRO handlebar bag 8L
  • Gaz stove and camping gaz ( we also sell camping gaz in the shop)
  • Garmin GPS

Helmet, repair-kit and lock are included to the bike rent. Rainproof ponchos and gloves available. 
For bikepacking we reccommend mountain bikes (MTB). We rent 26", 27,5" and 29" bikes, good on single tracks and in the forest. If road ise mixed and you ride on the paved road as well, then a cyclo cross /gravel bike is most suitable.


Bikepacking bags (seatpost, frame, handlebar): 2 EUR per day each

MTB rent 17 EUR per day, 84 EUR per week. Price list is here.

Cyclo/gravel rent is 26 EUR per day, from week rental price per day 15 EUR. Price list is here

  • Merida/Cube mountain bike 27.5 and 29''

    Different frame sizes, Cube and Merida bikes

    17.00 eur

  • Cyclo-Cross bicycle

    ent longer and price will drop to 13 EUR per day. If you book cyclo-cross biek please add youre heights (cm) in information.

    26.00 eur

  • Saddle post bag

    ALPKIT seatpost bag. Up to 13 L.

    2.00 eur

  • Frame bag

    It's designed a s a frame bag as in intended for narrow frame tubed bikes, steel frame tourers and the like. With a narrow, sleek profile it keeps out of the wind and won't trouble your legs as you pedal. 5cm wide, 50cm long and 19cm tall at its back edge. Capacity: 2.8L Double side zips reveal mesh cargo pockets and a zippered internal compartment for your essentials.

    2.00 eur

  • Sleeping bag

     We have different sleeping bags, mostly for summer season.

    2.00 eur

  • Tent

    One or two person tent, camo green and easy to fix

    1 peson tent Topeak Pikamper, 1.5 kg

    3.00 eur

  • Mattress

     We rent out camping mattresses, self-fulfilling.

    1.00 eur

  • Cargo treilers


    The Yak Trailer carries up to 70lb / 32 kg so you don’t have to leave anything behind. Trailer tracks rear wheel of bicycle, making it easier to navigate narrow roads or single track. Low center of gravity keeps the weight off your bicycle frame for better handling and performance than racks and panniers. Bag included.

    Cargo Space: 25in x 16in x 18in / 64cm x 41cm x 46cm 

    Bag: 94 L, 100% waterproof


    1 day (24 hrs) 7.50 EUR

    1 week 37 EUR

    7.50 eur

  • Garmin GPS

    GPS Garmin Edge 800, we have only one GPS for rent.

    5.00 eur

  • Computer

     Computer: 1 EUR per day, 5 EUR per week

    1.00 eur

  • Pannier bags rental

    Pair of Ortlieb waterproof panniers

    Price per pair: 3 EUR per day, 16 EUR per week

    One pair 2 x 20 liters

    height:42 cm
    upper width:32 cm
    bottom width:23 cm
    depth:17 cm
    weight:1900 g.
    volume:40 l. 

    3.00 eur

  • Helmet

    Available different size-shape-price helmets for everyone! 

    0.00 eur


Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P