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Genue & Interesting

438.00€ starting from


Life moves at a different pace here. Explore Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and the western reaches of Estonia with this 9 day self guided tour. Sights include Sääre tirp (the mythical bridge to Saaremaa), Angla windmills, Kaali meteorite crater, Haapsalu, Kärdla, Kuressaare and Estonia's summer capital Pärnu. Quiet and flat roads.

In 2015 West-Estonia and Islands Self-guided bike tour was awarded with ECOTOURISM QUALITY MARK OF ESTONIAN TOURISM PRODUCTS EHE (Ehtne ja huvitav Eesti – Genuine and Interesting Estonia). EHE-mark is a quality mark to label tourism products in compliance with the principles of eco tourism.

This tour can be modified according to your needs - some days can be cut into half, you can have rest days in between or stay more than one night in some places. Just let us know how many days you have and how much would you like to cycle per day and we will come out with itinerary for your needs. 


438 EUR per person 9 days tour

390 EUR per person 8 days tour

Price includes:

  • Accommodation 8 or 7 nights in double / twin room
  • 8 (7) breakfast
  • Daily maps - paper copy or GPS file
  • Detailed route description
  • Sending bike back to Tallinn fee
  • All taxes
  • Emergency phone support

EXTRAS (not included)

  • Bike rent for 9 days 108 EUR per bike, for 8 days 96 EUR per bike
  • Single supplement +177 EUR (9 days), +130 EUR (8 days)
  • Daily luggage transfers 9 days tour is +254 EUR per person (in case of two persons, if more in the group (max 6), then the fee per person is smaller). For 8 days tour the luggage transfer price is 244 EUR per person in case of two personstravelling together
  • Rent of Ortlieb waterproof pannier bags for 9 days 19 EUR per pair
  • Rent of Ortlieb waterproof handlebar bag for 9 days 10 EUR per bag
  • 8 days tour: train ticket to Turba is 4.60 EUR per person, bike is free
  • Ferry tickets between islands 3.50 person + 1.70 EUR bike per line (3 lines total)
  • Bus ticket Pärnu-Tallinn, 8-10 EUR per person


9 days tour

You can start cycling this tour from Tallinn on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Day 1: Bike ride from Tallinn to Padise (65 km / 40 miles)
The tour follows the Northen coast of Estonia. Cliffs are followed by sandy beaches. After some up’s and down’s you will get to Türisalu cliff. Enjoy the view to to the Island of Naissaar and Vääna-Jõesuu. Take a break to enjoy Keila-Joa waterfall, the third most powerful waterfall in Estonia. Enjoy dinner in beautiful Padise Manor, located next to the mystic ruins of Padise Monastery. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 2: Bike ride from Padise to Haapsalu (55 km / 34 miles)
This day is just riding day. Enjoy Estonian diverse nature: the route goes through forests and fields, you will pass some bogs. For such a small country, the diversity of Estonia’s landscapes is unique in Europe. Day’s highlight is Haapsalu – a charming seaside resort famous for its range of spa hotels and fine beach. The old town is popular too and Haapsalu Castle, haunted by a white lady, hosts many events including various music festivals. Accommodation is in small hotel.

Day 3: Bike ride to island Hiiumaa (10 km + 1.5 hrs on ferry + 28 km / 6.2 miles + 1.5 hrs on ferry + 17.3 miles)
This day the tour takes you to the second largest island in Estonia – Hiiumaa. Formed as a result of a meteorite explosion Hiiumaa is one of the oldest islands in the world. Hiiumaa is known for its lighthouses, unspoilt nature, Kassari and the sense of humour of its inhabitants. After about 1.5 hrs on ferry, the route takes you to Hiiumaa’s capital Kärdla, known of it’s cozy islander atmosphere. Accommodation is in very small guesthouse.

Day 4: Bike ride to Saaremaa island (50 km + 1 hr on ferry + 8 km / 31 miles + 1 hr on ferry + 4.9 miles)
From Kärdla, route takes you to the South-Hiiumaa and first to Kassari island. On your way is Vaemla Wool Factory, where the yarn is made using authentic machineries from last century. Visit romantic Kassari chapel and take a walk (gnarled junipers all around) to well known Sääre tirp peninsula. In the evening ferry takes you to the largest island in Estonia – Saaremaa. Overnight is in romantic guesthouse. If you love nature, beach and sea, this is the place where to spend more than one night.

Day 5: Ride to the capital of Saaremaa – Kuressaare (51 km / 32 miles)
Windmills are considered to be the symbol of Saaremaa. On that day road takes you to Angla Windmill Mount, where you can see the windmills characteristic of the island of Saaremaa, watch a miller at work and taste homemade bread. Make a stop in Kaali field of meteorite craters -the rarest nature wonder in Estonia, being at the same time the most spectacular in Eurasia. Your destination – Kuressaare, is small and charming summer resort known for it’s medieval castle. Accommodation is in small hotel next to the castle, sea and beach.

Day 6: Ride to Koguva and Muhu island (78 km / 48 miles)
This day road takes you to Muhu island. Muhu is the place where time rests – authentic sleepy fishing villages, working windmills, thatched cottages. Make a stop to look at some rare animals – emus, nandus and Kangaroos in Nautse. The day’s highlight is authentic Koguva village and museum - the best preserved 19th century village in Estonia, where all of the buildings are architectural landmarks. Overnight is in authentic tourism farm.

Day 7: Bike ride to Varbla (20 km + 0.5 hrs Ferry+ 31 km / 12.4 miles + 0.5 hrs + 19.2 miles)
From Koguva road takes you through Muhu island. Make a stop in Liiva to visit beautiful, early Gothic style Muhu St Catherine’s Church. Make a little detour to visit the luxurious Pädaste Manor. Ferry takes you back to mainland. Follow the cycle route 1 to the seaside to Varbla. Accommodation is in guesthouse next to the sea.

Day 8: Bike ride to Pärnu (70 km / 43.5 miles)
Quiet road goes through some very small villages and turns to seaside. Enjoy break in Valgeranna beach and continue to Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu. Pärnu is famous for it’s beach life and made it’s way to the list of Russian imperial resorts already in 1890. Long, white sandy beaches, shallow waters and “the best Sun in Estonia” attract Estonians and visiting guests alike. Make a walk on beautiful beach promenade, visit the old town, take a cup of coffe in Ammende Villa and just enjoy the atmosphere. Overnight in hotel, just next to the river, short ride from beach.

Day 9: Pärnu and individual departure
After breakfast at the Pärnu Yacht Club Guesthouse, leave your bikes to hotel and take a public bus back to Tallinn

8 Days Tour

Day 1: Take a train out of Tallinn to Turba. Cycling on the old railway track to Haapsalu. Distance: 47 km /29.35 mi

Then continue as 9 days itinerary.

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Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P