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Võrtsjärv is the second largest lake in Estonia which is located in south of Estonia. This tour is taking you around the lake on mostly quiet and small roads. You can enjoy nature and the peaceful Estonian countryside.
Tour starts from Tallinn by taking a train to Viljandi, from where you will start your cycle tour around the lake. The road is taking you through three different counties in Estonia: Viljandi county, Tartu county and Valga county.


Price for this tour is 118 EUR per person

Price includes:

  • accomodation for 3 nights in double/twin private rooms
  • 3 x breakfast
  • Daily maps
  • Detailed materials including turn-to-turn road description, sights, opening times, prices, recommendations for lunch and dinner.
  • All taxes


  • Bike rent for 4 days is 45 EUR per bike
  • Train ticket to Viljandi and from Viljand is not included. Price is 8.90 EUR per person, bike is free
  • Ortlieb waterproof pannier bags rent for 4 days is 12 EUR per pair (20L each)
  • Ortlieb waterproof handlebar bag rent for 4 days is 6 EUR per bag
  • Extra day in Arumetsa 


Day 1: Train to Viljandi and bike ride from Viljandi to Vaibla (35 km / 21 miles)

Tour starts from Tallinn by taking a train to Viljandi and continues to the North side of Lake Võrtsjärv. Route goes through small villages and forests. First night is in the guesthouse on the beach. 

Day 2: Bike ride from Vaibla to Riidaja (60 km / 37 miles)

You start cycling from Vaibla to the east side of the lake. First 10 kilometers you continue on Tartu road and then you will turn away to a smaller roads. On the way you can see some sand cliffs and cycle next to the lake. You have a village called Rõngu on the way where you can have lunch and buy some food. Cycling is mostly on private roads with little to no traffic. Your accommodation is in Riidaja village, a quiet place in Valga county.

Day 3: Bike ride from Riidaja to Viljandi (60 km / 37 miles)

You have two  different options to either 1) take a shortcut by riding on gravel roads with little to no traffic or 2) go on a mainway and ride on paved road. There is a village called Mustla where you can find a shop and a cafe. You can enjoy mulgimaa vibes on nice roads and end the day in Viljandi, where we have booked you a nice accommodation in a quiet part of the city. In Viljandi there are different cafes, bars, a nice lake and castle hills.

For nature lovers - Extra night in magical Arumetsa holiday village!

Arumetsa is magical place next to lake Võrtsjärv. Part of the charm is the fact thatyou can only go there by boat. Owner will pick you up next to Õhne river and take you there for a night.
If you arrive there you have many different options on how to spend your evening.
You can rent yourself a sauna next to the lake or go and have adventure in the forest surrounding the place. 
 You also have an option to take a romantic boat ride to a private island to enjoy the sounds and sights of undisturbed nature. Tondisaar is a small island 3 kilometers from Arumetsa. 
You can enjoy fresh local food what is cooked to you by the houswife and try fish caught from the lake. 

  • Ortlieb Handlebar bag with map case

    We rent waterproof Ortlieb Ultimate Handlebar bags.

    Rental includes map holder and holder

    Volume: 7 L

    height: 21 cm / 8.3 in
    width: 23.5 cm / 9.3 in
    depth: 14 cm / 5.5 in
    weight: 710 g / 25 oz

    1.50 eur

  • Cargo treilers


    The Yak Trailer carries up to 70lb / 32 kg so you don’t have to leave anything behind. Trailer tracks rear wheel of bicycle, making it easier to navigate narrow roads or single track. Low center of gravity keeps the weight off your bicycle frame for better handling and performance than racks and panniers. Bag included.

    Cargo Space: 25in x 16in x 18in / 64cm x 41cm x 46cm 

    Bag: 94 L, 100% waterproof


    1 day (24 hrs) 7.50 EUR

    1 week 37 EUR

    7.50 eur

  • Garmin GPS

    GPS Garmin Edge 800, we have only one GPS for rent.

    5.00 eur

  • Computer

     Computer: 1 EUR per day, 5 EUR per week

    1.00 eur

  • Pannier bags rental

    Pair of Ortlieb waterproof panniers

    One pair 2 x 20 liters

    height:42 cm
    upper width:32 cm
    bottom width:23 cm
    depth:17 cm
    weight:1900 g.
    volume:40 l. 

    3.00 eur

  • Rack for panniers

     Sturdy, lightweight pannier racks. Max load 25 kg.

    1.00 eur

  • Helmet

    Available different size-shape-price helmets for everyone! 

    0.00 eur


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