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15.00€ starting from

We have 50 city bikes available for hire. Bikes have 3-7 gears, hand- or footbrake, step-through frame and a backrack. Most are a 50cm universal size.

For city ride we have Wilier Suave, Pure Cycles and Hawk City Wave bikes. 

Booking: Click on "Book Now" tab, choose the service (tour or rent), choose the period and bike. You will get instant confirmation.

We rent bikes for more than 5 days. To book the bike for 6 and more days, please send us an e-mail:



1-3 hours 7 EUR
6 hours 12 EUR
24 hours 15 EUR
2 days 27 EUR
3 days 37 EUR
4 days 45 EUR
5 and more days 10 EUR / day

Deposit: 100 EUR for a bike



Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P