Rental Terms and Conditions


Detailed rental conditions are available in the City Bike Office. The Customer, by signing the contract, confirms that he/she is familiar with the detailed rental conditions.'

Damages to City Bike' s Property
Customer is fully and unconditionally responsible for bicycles and other equipment rented from City Bike between the delivery by City Bike and collection by City Bike staff. In case of damage or theft, costumer is obliged to pay the value of equipment, according to City Bike prices.

We book 100 EUR per bike on your credit card. As soon as we have our equipment back (bike, lock, bags, anything you rented from us) and everything is ok, we release the booking.

Parking your bikes overnight

When parking bikes for longer time (including overnight) City Bike must be stored inside, in a securely locked room. Customers are obliged to lock the bikes when leaving them unattended so, that removal of bikes by others is impossible.

Cancellation policy
City Bike offers a 100% refund if the reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours before the scheduled tour. No refunds are given for ANY reasons once within the 72 hrs prior to the scheduled tour.

City Bike is not responsible for the damage and expenses caused during the use of the bicycles and other equipment rented.

Cancellation policyfor self-guided tour packages and special group tours

City Bike offers for Self-guided tour bookings 100% refund if the cancellation is sent at least 14 days before the tour starting.

Below 14 days made cancellations are charged 25% of package price (advance payment will not be paid back). This sum contains our staff work and office costs.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P