Proud to be member of Cycle Cities, bonus for our guests

Proud to be member of Cycle Cities, bonus for our guests

Get to one of our city bicycle tours and the next bike tour will be 20% off.

The Local Bike Tour Experts
Cycle Cities is a collection of professional, independent city bike tour operators from all over the world. We love our cities, and we love to show them from our perspective; the hidden alleyways, the charm, and the real stories, against the backdrop of the major monuments and tourism drawcards. We cycle through cities and tell stories about history, local stories, legends and much more.

With a focus on tourists and those that are far from home, we want to make cycling accessible and enjoyable in every city. Cycling is good for the environment, good for traffic, good for tourism and good for you.

Every travel plan could use a bike ride somewhere in the world. We are working together to help that happen for everyone.

City Bike is in operation since 2003 and we have experienced staff, tour guides and plenty of bikes to show you Tallinn, Estonian capital and beyond.

At present there are 52 cities around the world in the Cycle Cities network and new members every year, see the full list at: http://www.cycle-cities.com/

See the world.. one Cycle City at a time.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P