Our Environment Policy

We take care about environment POLICY

Bicycle & cycling is pure fun and environmental and City Bike Plc activities and behaviors will follow this!For that we:

Don’t waste resources:

  • if not needed turn off the lights (storage rooms, empty toilet etc.)
  • don’t boil more water than needed (tea or coffee)
  • plugged electrical devices take also electricity, unplug them when not in use


  • Paper and carton, separate box
  • plastic and glass, separate box (plastic has to be clean, if needed wash)
  • bottles to be recycled (“taara”, taken to shop and buying food for staff)
  • metal items recycling, special box under mechanics table

All the staff takes actions to follow recycling, disposal of full boxes will be organised by management. Closest collection for plastic/glass/paper is Suurtüki parking lot in Old town.

Guarantee items:

  • all new shop items or items brought back by customers and going into replacement/guarantee - have to be collected to box GUARANTEE, don’t throw them away.

Using materials and recycling broken things:

  • use electric cable ties several times by cutting off them from right place
  • broken equipment into spare parts and sorting by usage (racks, mudguards, support legs). Nuts, bolts and washers are in great demand
  • broken inner tubes have to be repaired not wasted. If customer don’t want them, have to be used in our own purpose.

Policy updates according to necessity and Best practices!
New ideas for policy updates are welcomed!

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P