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We have gathered here some useful hints what you might need while planning your trip to Estonia and the Baltics.

Rental conditions you will find here. 

Advance payment conditions you will find here. 


  • Tourist Infromation about Tallinn is here
  • Tourist information about Estonia is here
  • Information about Estonian Cuisine is here
  • Encyclopedia about Estonia is here
  • The European Cycling Routes Network: Baltic Sea Route, East European Route and Iron Curtain Route are passing Estonia
  • Ferries from and to Sweden are operated by Tallink
  • Ferries from ant to Findland are operated by Tallink, Viking Line and Linda Line
  • Tallinn Airport information is here
  • Ferries to Saaremaa and Hiiumaa islands are operated by TS Laevad. Ferry shedules are here
  • Ferries to Vormsi, Kihnu, Aegna islands and between Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are operated by Kihnu Veeteed
  • Domestic bus timetables  you can find here
  • Busses to Riga and Vilnius are operated by LuxExpress
  • Domestic trains in Estonia are operated by Elron
  • Domestic train schedules in Latvia are here
  • Trains to St.Petersburg and Moscow are operated by GoRail


  • Buses, trolleys and trams operate regularly from 6:00 to 23:30.
  • You can buy tickets from the vechile. There is a validator at the first door of the vechile which accepts contactless card payments. Tickets are 2 EUR for adults and 1 EUR for children and students.
  • Tallinn Card holders may use unlimited public transportation free.
  • From airport take a tram no 4 to get to the centre. Most central stop is called Hobujaam. Timetable is here 
  • To get to the Central Bus Station, take trams 2 or 4. Stop: Bussijaam
  • To get to the railway station (Balti Jaam), take trams 1 or 2. Stop: Balti Jaam
  • Tallinn public transport timetables are here


In airport, take the taxi ONLY from the taxi row (the row closest to airport building).
Average fare from airport to Old Town should be around 10-12 € (printed receipt should show approximately 7 km).

Some taxi rules:

  • Price list should be on the taxi window, so you can see it.
  • There is a starting fee (usually 2-4€) and then meter fare 0,43-0,9 per km.
  • There can be also different charges at daytime and at night but no difference between working or weekend days.
  • Pay only by the sum on the taximeter. If the meter is not running or if the taxidriver don't give you a reciept if asked, passenger is entitled not to pay. Same applies when the printer is broken/gone etc.
  • Do not accept handwritten receipts.

Some taxi companies:

  • Tulika taxi 1200/ (+372) 6 120 000 (white or black van)
  • Tallink taxi 1921/(+372) 640 8921 (yellow van)
  • Bolt is good app to download and order taxi in modern ways


Parking on streets in the city centre, the Old Town and the Pirita area must be paid for. First 15 minutes parking is free, but you have to use the parking clock. You can purchase a parking ticket from a street-side machine.

Parking in the centre and nearby Old Town - Europark parking is the cheapest (starting from 3 EUR/24 hrs, depending on location). Information about Europark parking is here

  • Parking on Old Town streets: 24/7 paid parking. Parking rate: 6 EUR/hr. 
  • Parking on Südalinn streets: 24/7 paid parking. Parking rate 4,8 EUR/hr
  • Parking on Kesklinn streets: paid parking Mon-Fri: 7-19, Sat 7-15. Sun free parking. Rate 1.5 EUR/hr. 

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