Free Grouprides in Tallinn and Harjumaa

We can connect you with local group rides. Check our news section or contact us directly for details on upcoming road or MTB rides with various friendly clubs in Tallinn. No Estonian? No problem.
Need a bike and gear? We can arrange rental for you, or bring your own and we are happy to help.

We will do our part to give the group rides more people and make them more popular. Different people, riding different tracks on different bikes. Whether it be a MTB (26 or 29'er), fatbike or cyclocross, we have them all here at City Bike ready to go.

Photo: Viljar Haav, Viimsi Rattaklubi

From us:

  • Good rental bike and equipment (helmets, lights, some winter gear, ponchos free).
  • Information and details about the group rides.
  • Often we take part in the rides ourselves, so we can start at our office here at Vene 33.

We offer the following bicycles for the group ride rentals:

  • 26 inch and 29 inch bikes (Merida Big Nine 40 (17" ja 19") = 7 EUR.
  • Fatbikes with 16", 18", 20" frames, 26 inch wheels (Montana and On One).
  • Big Nine 29 inch bike models 100 (19"), 300 (17"), 500 (19") = 10 EUR.
  • Merida Cyclocross 4 (55 cm) = 10 EUR.
  • Road bikes in all sizes
  • The bike rental also includes a helmet and lights.
  • For the more "I need more light" people, we also offer a light that can be rented for 1 EUR for the group ride (powered by battery it produces upto 1500+ lumens).

For more information on the bike rentals on the group rides feel free to call us at 56608090 or mail@citybike.ee.

We will be updating our calendar with the latest group ride information:

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P