Getting around and transport in Tallinn

Basic general information
The capital of Estonia, area - 159,2 km² (Estonia in total 45 227 km²).
Eastern European Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours, Currency EURO
Population around 420 000 (in Estonia 1.34 mil)
Estonian's official language is Estonian
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Tallinn is a medieval seaside town it has over 45 km of coastline and city spreads alongside Tallinn Bay. The main sight, Old Town of Tallinn, is in the centre and very close to passenger harbour and train-station (actually between them).

But as your first image will depend how you will arrive to the city, then here is an overview about the choices:

Arriving by boat from Helsinki, Stockholm, St.Petersburg

  • A, B terminal for Viking Line, Eckeröline and St.Peterline;
  • D terminal for Tallink,
  • port of Patarei (pier of Cityhall) for Linda Line.

Port buildings are new and clean, easy to find currency exhange, ATM or Taxi.

Old Town is close - just get off the terminal and find the tower of the tallest church Oleviste in the south. Best option to get into Old Town is walking (around 700 meters).
Here is harbour map.

Arriving by cruise ship
Cruise ship terminal is very close to Old Town - as you step out of the ship, you can see the towers in the south already. Depending on the pier where ship is docked, it takes about 15 minutes walking (1 km) to get to the heart of the city. If you get off from the ship, you find yourself in the handicraft market, but for going to city, you need to pass the gates at the cruise port and show your boarding pass.

Arriving by plane
Lennart Meri Tallinn airport is located on the outskirts of Tallinn - Ülemiste (don't worry, Tallinn is small and it means only 5 km form Old Town and Centre) . To get to city center will take 10-20 minutes by different means of transport. To decide, whether to prefer bus or taxi you can read Tallinn Airport information about the transport. Bus ticket 1.6 EUR or taxi aprox. 10-12 EUR.

Arriving by bus
International buslines arrive to Tallinn bus station (newly rebuilt and very nice and modern), which is almost in the city center. Walking takes about 20 minutes. Public transport information you can get form the station homepage. Domestic buslines timetables, fares and destinations can be found from here (all in one place, possible to buy tickets).

Arriving by train
Train station, where trains from Moscow and local commuters, is located near Old Town and harbour. To get from the railway station to the city take tram 1 or 2 or just walk for 10 minutes through Old Town.

Information about domestic lines can be found from the homepages of state owned Elron railroad (There is no need to purchase an additional ticket for your bicycle. As part of the composition of each train there is one C-area with a bicycle rack, the opening railcar doors of which are marked with a bicycle sticker).

New trains means new Stadler FLIRT electric and diesel trains, locals call them CARROTS (nice orange color).

As picture always says more than hundred words, then here is map for you, where all the strategic places are on.

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A bit more live Picture, Old Toomas from Tallinn

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