Specialized Nimbus 2 Sport 38-622 tire

23.90 € 29.90 €

Specialized Nimbus 2 Sport Reflect Wire Bead Tire - 28 Inch

The Specialized Nimbus 2 Sport Reflect offers good puncture protection, an adapted tread and a rubber compound that rolls even faster and offers more grip than ever before. The perfect choice for all roads and bike paths. In addition, reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists in low light conditions.

Highlights of the Specialized Nimbus 2 Sport Reflect bike tire

Resistant for high mileage

good cornering performance

high grip level

good puncture protection

good visibility in twilight and darkness due to a reflective strip

BlackBelt puncture protection

BlackBelt is an effective puncture protection on the tread by a double flexible nylon layer, which has no negative impact on the rolling characteristics of the tire.

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