Seat Fizik Thar

49.90 € 95.00 €

The fi'zi:k Thar is specifically developed for big wheel bikes that have different geometry compared to 26”. It allows a compact sitting position thanks to its 95 mm rail adjustability. Replaceable tuner inserts for the individual adjustment of flex. It has an extremely robust and abrasion resistant Microtex cover.

The k:ium rails are light, strong and comfortable. Fizik created the Thar to give riders the perfect balance between comfort and performance. The saddle nose has a flat and long surface for multiple sitting positions.

K:ium is a special alloy of silicon and chromium. Corrosion resistance and long-life performance. Compared to solid titanium K:ium achieves a further weight reduction of approximately 8% while providing higher rigidity.

Integrated Clip System is an integrated interface in the saddle's base to allow quick attachment and removal of I.C.S. accessories such as the Fi'zi:k saddle Pa:k and Blin:k light . It is a clean, easy, fast and secure attachment that does not require any tools.

Dimensions: 125 x 265mm

Weight: 195g

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P