Schwalbe E-One Addix Race Folding 700x28

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The Schwalbe E-One is the first tire specifically designed for e-racing bikes. The E-One precisely transfers the e-power onto the road, while rolling just as easily as a normal racing tire.Uncompromisingly geared to e-bikes: the E-One Addix Race folding from SchwalbeOn e-racing bikes, the motor plays a more conservative role than on motorized MTBs or trekking bikes. Racing cyclists use the assistance of the lightweight, mostly removable drives selectively. For example, a rider might use it sparingly to keep pace with a strong group on climbs while still preserving battery life. While touring on flat terrain, many athletes leave the motor at home and ride their bikes like conventional racing bikes.

Product features - E-One

Type: Folding

Compound: V-Guard , E-50

Execution: Addix Race

Skin: Lite

Pressure: 6.0-8.0 Bar (85 - 115 psi)

Maximum load: 85kg


Profile: HS472

Tube: 22B

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