Prologo Nago Evo TRI40 saddle

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70.00 € 70.00 €

The Nago Evo Tri 40 is the first Prologo saddle specifically designed for the mid to long triathlon distances, such as Olympic, 70. This saddle has been specifically designed for the perfect position anytime, anywhere allowing two different seating options (cruising and/or pushing).

The Nago Evo Tri 40 benefits from unique new slide control technology specifically developed by Prologo to eliminate the rider sliding forward, allowing the perfect position in order to give an outburst of power.

SHAPE: Semi-Round
END USE:Triathlon
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Prologo Nago Evo Tri 40
Weight: 170g
Size: 280x135mm
Base: Carbon Fibre Injection
Rail: NACK 10 (carbon fiber)/Solid Titanium
Padding: Active Density
Shape: Semi Round
Use: Triathlon

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