PODSACS Expedition Large Waterproof saddle bag

49.00 €

  The PODSACS Expedition 8.5 Litre Stormproof Saddlebag is made help you haul your kit even through the worst of the British weather. Created from 840D double-sided TPU, it's 100% waterproof due to its radio-frequency welded construction and has a carefully engineered fixing system that offers fit and forget stability even fully loaded.
Stormproof 840D TPU welded construction
Trail-tough 3-point fixing system
Roll top closure and external bungee
Retro-reflective detailing and LED mounts

The PODSACS Expedition is our 100% waterproof, high volume, 3-point fixing saddle bag. Made from the toughest double-sided 840D TPU, the Expedition uses radio frequency welded seams throughout for maximum protection from the elements. A removable internal frame offers extra support and protection for delicate items or can be removed to maximise internal volume. There's no tougher gear for the long haul- we guarantee it!

Connecting to your bike via two wide seatpost straps and a double-clasp saddle-rail arrangement the PODSACS Expedition sits snug and secure even when stuffed to the brim. It fits superbly well with carefully engineered strap angles and extensions that ensure it will work with any standard rail saddle and seatpost, with or without layback. Adjustable between 4 and 8.5 Litres the Expedition saddlebag always sits securely and doesn't bounce around on rough roads.

Weight Limit: 5kg
Weight: 520g
We advise placing heli-tape or a similar abrasion protective film between your saddle bag and frame and seatpost. Even better put it on the contact points on both your new bag and your bike.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P