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Nitto Bullmoose B901RX Handlebar

79.00 € 99.00 €

The classic Bullmoose handlebar, possibly the world's first dedicated MTB bar re-imagined by Nitto and under licence from Charlie and Tom (Ritchey). 

The venerable bullmoose design dates back to 1978/9 when Ritchey was a bike racer and frame builder. Having raced Marin Country’s famous Repack race and had his bars slip in the stem (costing him the win) Tom Ritchey went home and designed a brazed bar and stem combo that would eliminate this weak spot. Ritchey’s bullmoose bars would go on to become standard equipment on those early production ‘mountain bikes’ and it was only years later that designs like Salsa’s Moto stem offered reliable grip and lighter weight that caused its slide into obscurity.

TIG welded Cro-Mo
Twin extensions (instead of a conventional modern stem)
Wide swept bar (670mm) with a slight upsweep
1" 1/8 clamp on steerer

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P