Molon Labe Fribus Thermo gloves L

33.00 €

The Fribus Thermo is an all-around winter glove. Thanks to the resistant materials and the brushed inside, the Fribus Thermo effectively protects against the cold.

Fribus fits very comfortably and isn't too thick, so that the sensitivity on the handlebars doesn't suffer.

Keeps you warm thanks to the brushed, soft inner side

  • Comfort Fit

  • Silicone prints inside the palm for extra grip

  • Sewn-in narrowing at the wrist & velcro fastener

  • Long cut at wrist to avoid cold bridge between glove and sleeve

  • Reinforcement between thumb and index finger

  • Reflective parts for more safety

  • Clever pull-out aid: Pull Off Loop

  • Warmth: high

  • Weather protection: windproof, water-repellent

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P