MET Stradivarius UL

99.00 €

MET Stradivarius UL Helmet
A cool, compact and light weight road helmet. The Stradivarius combines superb ventilation with Gel 02 front pads for a fresh, comfortable feel even at high intensities. The UltimaLite Construction provides protection at an outstanding low weight.
UltimaLite technology
Integral In-Moulding Shell Construction
Adjustable Kevlar® straps
Reflective sticker at the rear
Lockable side straps divider
Safe-T X
Gel02 Front
Washable pads in Coolmax®
Cooling Factor: 8
Head Contact Surface: 50%
Weight: 285g
UltimaLite Technology - UltimaLite Fibre is a composite and ultra resistant material invented and used exclusively by MET. This innovation allows for the reduction of material used in today’s basic helmet construction. The results produce a much lighter product allowing greater comfort and performance, without compromising safety.
Integral In Moulding Shell Construction - Fusion is carried out on the external surface of the helmet for reinforcement and longevity.
Gel 02 Front Padding - The world's first use of hypo allergenic and thermo-stabilising gel padding in a cycle helmet, providing totally incomparable fit and comfort. Replacing traditional fabric pads with gel keeps the head cool thanks to the natural capacity of gel to stay cool and dispel sweat when in contact. Security and fit is also improved as gel adjusts to the form of your head.
Adjustable Kevlar Straps - An ultra light, strong and durable material that guarantees safety, comfort and breathability.
Safe-T X Fit System - Occipital double slide retention system with two large holders distributing the pressure across a broader surface to increase comfort.

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