Lezyne KTV drive front light

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12.00 € 20.90 €

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Lezyne KTV Drive Front Light
Introducing the Lezyne KTV Drive Front Light. This small, compact and sleek looking front light is a 15 Lumen safety light, this light should be used with the idea of “to be seen” instead of “to see”.

The body of the light is constructed from CNC machined aluminium, which gives the light a strong and durable structure. It also means the light is weather resistant and also really lightweight. The rear of the light is made from a hardened composite which features a clip-on fixing, with a movable clip, for versatility. The light can fit to a wide range of different sized handle bars meaning you are able to swap it from one bike to another seamlessly. The light covers a huge 180 degrees, this helps when entering a road or when pulling up to a junction, cars pedestrians and other cyclists will be able to see you.

The KTV light is rechargeable, the base of the light comes off and reveals the integrated USB stick, which makes it super easy and accessible to charge. This also means you will never have to worry about taking a charging cable with you as you will be able to charge it directly. Overall this is great light to have if you find yourself commuting across town and you need to be seen, use in conjunction with the KTV Drive Rear Light for great visibility. Coming in 4 great looking colours, the KTVDrive front light is bound to fit any bikes aesthetics.

Lezyne Super Drive XL Front Light "Loaded" Features:
Front/Rear/Set: Front
User Type: I want to be seen
Brightness: 15 Lumens
Run Time: 9.5 hours – 4.5 hours
Light Modes: Flash (1/2/3), Pulse, Solid
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Mounting: Stretch fit silicone rubber band and Composite Matrix mount

KTV 70 front light
Run Time: 6:45 - 1.5 hours
Light Modes: Flash (1/2/3), Pulse, Solid

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P