Jobsworth Wezen USB front and rear light

11.00 € 18.20 €

 With 100 lumens of light output and a 240 degree field of view the Wezen USB rechargeable LED bike light puts its advanced Chip-On-Board technology to good use. And this versatile little fella flashes white or red so it's perfect for use on the front or the back of your bike

Versatile red/white LED bike light.
USB rechargeable
Max runtime:11 hrs
Multiple illumination modes

The Wezen is the perfect light for the cyclist in your life, they can choose whether they run it on the front or the back. It's the perfect Be safe Be seen and one opf the most versatile compact lights on the market.

Offering simple plug and play USB rechargability and weather sealed against the elements it's ideal for busy commuters.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P