Jobsworth Floor Pumps

25.90 €

29.90 €

2 pumps on offer, the better one costs more!

Jobsworth Push It Real Good Track Pump - 29.9 EUR

Full-size, metal-bodied track pump with a dual-port valve adaptor for Presta and Schraeder capable of reaching 160PSI.

  • Wide handle and metal footer

  • 160 PSI Max

  • Dual port valve adaptor

  • 120cm hose

  • Ball needle included

Jobsworth Pump Up The Volume Track Pump - 25.9 EUR

Built to last and delivering impressive max pressure the Jobsworth Pump Up The Volume Track Pump has all the features and quality you could ever wish for.

  • Wide, stable stand

  • Large accurate pressure gauge

  • Double action inflation, 120 PSI max

  • Presta/Schraeder compatible head

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