Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift Cable Kit

19.00 € 30.00 €

Mountain Pro kits offer both enhanced performance and style. But unlike Road Pro Kits, shift and brake systems are sold separately. Teflon-coated cables used with our Slick-Lube liners dramatically reduce friction while compressionless shift housing delivers smooth, precise shifting performance. And, with all the needed parts included, our Mountain Pro kits are easy to install.

What's Included:

1 3200mm LEX-SL Shift Housing

1 1500mm Teflon-Coated Front Shift Inner Cable

1 2300mm Teflon-Coated Rear Shift Inner Cable

3 Sealed Alloy End Caps

6 Lined Alloy End Caps

2 Hooded Alloy End Caps

2 Cable Tips

2 4G Tube Tops

6 Cable Donuts

2 Rotating Hooks

1 2100mm Sealing Liner

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P