Continental Grand Prix 28-559

19.90 €

The renowned Continental Grand Prix Tire has long been admired for its extremely long wear, and now features an improved rubber compound and traction pattern. It's a great training and racing tire for all road cyclists, from weekend warriors to world champions alike.

The Poly X Breaker is an overlapping polyester fiber, yielding a very dense fabric with minimal space between each individual thread, for a tire that's very resistant to puncture with no additional rolling resistance.

The Black Chili rubber compound delivers the ultimate combination of tire characteristics—grip, durability, and low rolling resistance—thanks to smaller particles that yield more points of contact with the road surface, are more tightly bound to each other, and form a structure with more overall flexibility.

Marked 26 x 1 1/8", equivalent to 26 x 1.125" (28-559 ISO). Despite the unusual fraction indication, these tires fit standard 26" rims. Folding or Wire bead. Black.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P