Challenge Open Paris-Roubaix 700x27mm

29.00 €

 As the name suggests this is a serious racing-ready tire. Its exceptional quality has been proven multiple times during the toughest road races!

This tire features a unique Open Tubular technology. The Tyre is produced just like a tubular and uses the same materials and production process. However, iInstead of being sewed with an inner tube inside, at the end of the process beads are made by folding the casing around Aramid fibers threads. For this reason an open tubular gives very similar ride feel of that of a tubular, mainly if a latex inner tube is used.

Mounting an open tubular on a wheel is the same as mounting a standard clincher but with the advantage of riding a much more comfortable and performing tyre.


TPI 300 Bead Aramid Carcass

700C x 27 mm

Weight: around 260 g

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P