Axa Defender RL Frame Lock and Chain

51.50 €

Axa Defender RL Frame Lock + R-140 Plug in Chain

The AXA Defender is a high quality frame lock with an innovative design and the option to link a plug in cable or -chain such as the Radon R-140 chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object.The Defender ring lock offers optimal safety with its anti drilling cylinder and hardened steel bracket. The ergonomic design of the push button  offer you maximum comfort. The Radon chain R-140 offers a hardened steel plug in pin of 10 mm thick.

Features - Defender RL Frame Lock + R-140 Plug in Chain

Maximum security with plug in option

Child safety

Ergonomic push button

Hardened steel bracket and lock housing

Anti drilling plate in cylinder

For fixing at existing threaded eyelets

Polyester cover protects your bike against damage

Your bike is secured by an action with two locksNote: The key can only be removed when the lock is locked!Product features

Material: Hardened steel links

Locking bolt: 10mm thick

Length: 140cm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1400 x 5.5mm

Color: black

Scope of delivery: 

1 Axa Defender RL Frame Lock

1 Radon R-140 Plug in Chain

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P