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Abus Diskus® 24IB/50

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 Diskus® 24IB/50

The ABUS Diskus® lock is a special kind of padlock with some distinct advantages. The disk shape itself effectively combats the most common ways of forcing it open. The design with only a small opening in the shackle makes it very difficult to tamper with. As these disk locks are mainly made of stainless steel, they are used especially where both security and protection against corrosion are required. The 24IB is used to secure trucks, doors, gates, barns, cellars, sheds, etc. The locks can be retrofitted with an ABUS-Plus disk cylinder which provides highest protection against intelligent opening methods. For protection against dirt and moisture the cylinder has an integrated cylinder cover.

Body, inner parts and shackle made from stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance
Cylinder cover - maximum protection against dirt and moisture (60 and 70 mm)
Cylinder nickel plated for enhanced corrosion resistance
Original Diskus® design: 360° protection
Diskus® Deep-Welding Technology - maximum strength
Precision pin tumbler cylinder with anti-pick pins
Key retaining: locking only with the key (lock retains key until locked)
Made in Germany
Size: 50mm

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