VDO M3 WR computer

29.00 €

The VDO M3 is a wired model specifically aimed at road bike riders with an impressively small, light structure and easy-to-read portrait-format display with large digits with the display simultaneously showing two functions of key data.

In developing the VDO M-series, particular attention was paid to creating a user-friendly operating structure and button-based function grouping. The result is a range of cycle computers that are convenient and intuitive to use and offer the renowned VDO quality.

With the VDO M3 all the important bike functions such as the speed, average speed, maximum speed, ride time, ride distance, total distance, time and temperature are stored within the VDO M3 small computer housing.

The integrated roadbook function is a particular highlight of the VDO M3. This separate distance counter (which counts forwards or backwards) can measure individual section distances during a ride so that roadbook routes can be perfectly followed. This makes the VDO M3 the ideal companions for mountain bike rides on any terrain. The internal trip section counter comprises a second distance counter coupled with a stopwatch to show the distance travelled over any desired period.

The broad range of functions is rounded off with a low battery warning, data retention on changing the battery, an automatic start/stop function when setting off after a break and an integrated tyre table for conveniently setting the wheel type.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P