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Vittoria Revolution Graphene G+ 28-622

24.00 € 33.00 €

24.00 € 33.00 €

Uued tehnoloogiad grafiidi näol. Soovitame seda linnarattale: 

  • veereb hästi
  • saab hakkama ka kergematel konarustel ja kruusal
  • torkekindlus
  • pikk eluiga

Uus mudel meie jaoks ja esialgu müügis soodushinnaga, et kuidas linnaratturid reageerivad uutele tehnoloogiatele.

Using Graphene+, a revolutionary substance that's only 1 atom thick but 200 times harder than steel and the lightest material known to man, the Revolution G+ provides exceptional puncture protection and phenomenal grip on the road. Ideal for city roads, the Revolution even enjoys light off-road use.

Graphene enhanced grip and durability
Wired bead
Road and light off-road use

Vittoria's take on the one-bike tyre, perfect on and offroad. Includes their PRB 2.0 breaker puncture protection and a superb tread pattern that clears water fast to offer maximum grip in wet conditions. The Revolution is available in multiple tyre widths (subject to availability) making it perfect for all types of bikes and riding.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”