Unior Master ketitööriist 1647 2BBI

62.00 €


The most advanced chain tool in our range. Featuring machined body & precisely made spindle threads for smoothness and ease of use. Large handle gives extra leverage and breaks the chain easily. Master Chain Tool features floating chain support for perfect positioning and support of any chain. Works with all derailleur chains from 6–12-speed, is compatible with SRAM AXS chain and works with 1/8˝single speed chains. It also supports Campagnolo’s 11- and 12-speed chain peening. Tool comes with three different interchangeable chain supports; preinstalled is a single link support, available are also a wider double link chain support for extra grip on the chain and a dedicated SRAM AXS chain support. Hidden compartment at the in body of the tool features an additional replacement chain pin.Comes with:

Long and short derailleur chain support (compatible with 6–12-speed derailleur chains)

Dedicated SRAM AXS chain support

Campagnolo chain pin blocker

Replacement chain pin

Compatible with:

All derailleur chains from 6–12-speed

SRAM AXS flat top chain

Most single speed 1/8˝ chains

Campagnolo 11- and 12-speed chain peening

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”