Schwalbe Marathon 20x1,75 Reflex GG välisrehv

22.90 €

Hea torkekindlsuega rehv, mille GreenGuard elastne kummikiht muudab rehvi tugevaks. Hoiab eemale kõik võõrkehad, nagu killud, graanulid. Isegi terava tööristaga ei ole võimalik kaitsekihti läbi torgata.

Maraton veereb kergelt, nagu rehvid ilma kaitsekihita. 

Detailsem kirjeldus:

Kiirus: 3*

Haakuvus: 4*

Torkekindlus: 5*

Eluiga: 5*

Kaubamärk: Schwalbe

Mudel: Marathon 

Marathon Reflex Green Guard 20" 47-406 Wire

The archetypal high quality touring tire. Now completely revised. GreenGuard. The highly elastic, India rubber layer is 3 mm thick. Other manufacturers call such a tire "Plus". However, Green is not just the colour, but also the philosophy: One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products."Anti-Aging" The completely new sidewall construction can withstand for much longer the typical cracking resulting from overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure. Also the new Endurance Compound substantially increases durability.

E-Bike Ready. The new Marathon has been designed for use on all types of E-bikes. The following sizes bear the ECE75 mark, suitable for use on faster, up to 50 kph, E-bikes: 47-406

Product features - Marathon 20" 47-406 Reflex Green Guard

Version: Performance Line

Type: Wired

Tread: HS 420

Compound: Endurance

EPI: 67

Maximum load: 80 kg

Size: 20" x 1.75

Size (ETRTO): 47-406

Pressure: 3.5-5.0 bar (PSI 50-70)

Puncture protection: GreenGuard

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”