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Schwalbe Ironman 22-622 volditav

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 Schwalbe väidab, et üks väiksema veeretakistusega triatloni võistlusrehv. Mine võta nüüd kinni! Lubatakse 10 watti säästu ja 3 minutit ajavõitu (180 km).

Schwalbe Ironman 622x22 Folding
Ironman is the name of the new tyre and this name says it all: As uncompromisingly as the legendary competition itself, Schwalbe has trimmed its first pure triathlon tyre to the requirements of the athletes.

Size: ETRTO 22-622 (700x22C)
Compound: OneStar
Execution: V-Guard
Color: Black
Skin: Lite
Weight: 185 g (6 oz)
Pressure: 6.00 - 11.00 Bar (85 - 160 psi)
Maximum load (kg): 70 (jooksu kohta ehk siis sõitja + rattur = 140 kg)
EPI: 127
Article number: 11600398

Schwalbes new Ironman is the official tyre of the international competition series to be staged by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). With Schwalbe and the WTC, two companies that fulfil highest requirements in their own sectors are committed to pooling their strengths in the future.

Ironman stands for the long distance of the triathlon with 3.8 kilometres of swimming, approx. 180 kilometres of cycling, and a marathon. In the cycling segment, aerodynamics is of vital importance. Triathletes ride special time-trial bicycles with aerodynamically optimised wheels. "With a width of 22 millimetres, we have tuned the dimensions of the tyre perfectly to suit this purpose", said Peter Krischio, Road/Triathlon Product Manager at Schwalbe. "This saves the athletes a great deal of energy. In the 180 kilometre cycling segment at a speed of around 40 km/h, riders need to produce an average of 300 watts. The new tyre dimensions reduce this by about 10 watts. This saves a whole three minutes in terms of time!"

In complex wind channel tests, Schwalbe determined the tyre width that produces the least aerodynamic drag for the entire wheel system. In this context, the 22 mm tyre width was by far the best, whereas both the conventional 23 mm tyre width, as well as the widths 20 and 25 mm, showed a significantly higher aerodynamic drag. The tests also showed that an additional component at the interface of the tyre to the modern aero wheel rim is unnecessary, as the air flow follows the contour of the wheel rim.

Due to the wider rim width of the aerodynamically optimised wheels, all tyres will, in practice, become slightly wider again. As the space for the tyres is usually limited in the case of time trial bicycles, with a width of 22 mm, the Ironman also offers an advantage in this respect.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”