Prophete Edition 110 elektriratas

1699.00 € 1799.00 €

See on üks väga hea ja stiilne elektriratas. Juubeli mudelisse pannakse ikka natuke rohkem vurtsu sisse!
Meile meeldib ta eelkõige alljärgnevate omaduste poolest:

  • universaalne raam ja peidetud aku (parem kaalujaotus)
  • täistulede lahendus ja lisapidurituli taga
  • torkekindlad Continental rehvid
  • suur ekraan ja USB väljund, et laadida oma seadmeid
  • rummusisesed käigud ja efektiivsed ketaspidurid

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Engine: AEG , 36 Volt, koos jalutusabiga
Power: 250 Watt
Control unit: AEG LCD Display
Rechargeable battery: AEG, integreeritud raami sisse 489.5 Wh, 36 Volt, 13,6 Ah, Fully integrated in the frame
Range: ca. 130 km 
Battery recharge time: 6 hours

Gearshift: 7-speed hub gearshift
Brakes: SHIMANO hydraulic disc brake
Lighting: PROPHETE 100 Lux LED headlights with parking light, Trelock LED taillight with parking light and brake light
Wheels: aluminum hollow chamber
Tyres: Continental 47-622, reflex
Fork. SUNTOUR suspension fork, 28" aluminium
Stem. angle adjustable
Handlebar. City-handlebar
Luggage carrier. rear-luggage carrier strebenlos with pannier strap
Chain case. Hermanns Slyde
Mudguards. plastic-mudguard
Stand. Ursus kickstand
Pedals. City-pedals
Colour. black matt,
Frame. aluminium-frame
Frame height. 50 cm
Perm. overall weight. 120 kg

In the limited edition on the occasion of our 110th anniversary, we rely on the innovative drive technology of AEG, a partner with a long history in the field of electric motors. Our anniversary wheel is the first model to feature an AEG front engine.

The AEG battery with lithium-ion cells is fully integrated into the Alu Urban premium frame and has a capacity of 490 watt-hours. With a maximum range of 130 kilometers under optimal conditions, our anniversary wheel is ideal for extended tours and offers pure driving pleasure. You can easily adjust the Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gearbox using the rotary handle switch. With the hydraulic Shimano disc brakes you can, if necessary, throttle the speed in a well-dosed manner. The traction help gives you a good start at walking pace. This is particularly advantageous when climbing.

Safety is ensured by the 100 Lux LED headlights with Light ON function and the LED rear light with brake light function. Even when stationary and at walking pace, the headlights are permanently supplied with energy via the e-bike battery. The safety factor is also enhanced by Continental's reflective and puncture-stop tires. The LCD multifunction display, located in the center of the handlebar, gives you an overview of the battery level and other system information. You can also connect your smartphone and charge it while driving.

For each of the prophets anniversary wheels you get a high-quality hardcover book with pictures and texts on the history of the company for free. Here you will learn all about the balancing act of the company Prophete between tradition and innovation. With many photos on classic bikes, the mobile repair service and the development of the e-bikes at Prophete since 2004. This high quality accessory will be released exclusively as part of the 110th anniversary of Prophete.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”