Natural Fit alu otsakorgid 18mm

7.50 €

Kaitseb leknstangi otsi. Sobib sisediameetrile 18 mm. Värvus must. Komplektis 2 tk.

This adjustable safety plug strengthens the inner clamp area of thin-walled aluminium handlebars.

Replacement Natural Fit lock-on clamp

Fits Natural Fit grips size S/L

Adjustable security handlebar end plugs for thin-walled aluminium handlebars with an inner diameter of > 18 mm

Reusable due to rubber spread construction with socket screw

Almost flush with the bar end

Anodised end cap with laser print

SIZE: 22 x 35 mm

MATERIAL: aluminium, rubber

WEIGHT: 36 g

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”