Motorex rattapuhastus 500ml bio

9.60 €

Biolagunev rattapuhastusaine. Efektiivne geelpuhastusaine ei sisalda lahusteid. Leotab kiirelt lahti muda, tolmu jms. Ei kahjusta pidurite tööd. Sobilik ka süsinikdetailide puhastamiseks. Kasutamine: eemaldage suurem mustus, pihustage Bike Clean rattale. Laske toimida 5 minutit ja loputage veega.

Biodegradable bicycle cleaner

Highly effective, solvent-free gel cleaner especially for very dirty bicycles. Motorex Bike Clean quickly loosens and removes mud, soil, dust, etc. Leaves no greasy residue and does not affect brake action. Also approved for Carbon.


Remove large clods. Spray cleaner over entire bicycle. Allow 5 minutes to penetrate, then rinse with water.

For optimum protection after cleaning, Motorex Bike Grease 2000 and Motorex Bike Shine is recommended.

Included in delivery: 1 vaporizer with 500 ml

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”