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Molon Labe Fribus Thermo talvekindad

33.00 € 40.10 €

33.00 € 40.10 €

33.00 € 40.10 €

Molon Labe Fribus Thermo Hi-Vis - Winter Gloves

The Fribus Thermo is an allround winter glove that challanges the elements: comfortable and warm at the same time. Here in the Hi-Vis version for more safety.

Thanks to the resistant materials and the brushed inside, the Fribus Thermo effectively protects against the cold. Fribus fits very comfortably and isn't too thick, so that the sensitivity on the handlebars doesn't suffer. Grip prints provide comfort and safety. Whether on a Road Bike, MTB or on the way to work, the Fribus Thermo keeps your hands warm. Come and get the grip!

robust, resistant thermal materials
keeps you warm thanks to the brushed, soft inner side
Comfort Fit
Silicone prints inside the palm for extra grip
sewn-in narrowing at the wrist & velcro fastener
long cut at wrist to avoid cold bridge between glove and sleeve
reinforcement between thumb and index finger
Hi-Vis & reflective parts for more safety
Clever pull-out aid: Pull Off Loop
Warmth: high
Weather protection: windproof, water-repellent
Molon Labe Textil_Tech

Comfort Fit
The ergonomic fit ensures maximum comfort for biking. They protect like a second skin.

Pull Off Loop
Easy to pull off thanks to the loop.

Powerful materials provide warmth and dryness: the most important thing about winter cycling gloves.

All Elements Grip
The special coating provides best grip even under wet conditions, in order to keep the bike optimally under control.

Reflective parts for enhanced safety in the dark.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”