Limar Velov kiiver

39.00 € 59.00 €

39.00 € 59.00 €

39.00 € 59.00 €

Moodne linnakiiver. Eemaldatavad paneelid. Suvel saad sõita ilma paneelideta ja sügisel/talvel koos paneelidega (on soojem ja vihmakindlam). 

Näeb hea välja koos ja ilma paneelideta.

 All the air you want and all the look you want. Velov brings some seriously revolutionary features to the concept of city bike.

Create your own ventilation and style with a click, with the removable protection plates. Take them off when summer hits the city and get extra ventilation for your head. Put them on when winter comes and enjoy complete protection from rain and cold air. With Velov, you will make your own helmet, while keeping Limar safety and comfort features such as In-mould shell and Ultrafit+ system. And its elegant design seems to be born for travelling in style on your e-bike.

Technology: Monoshell In-mould
Air vents: Innovative removable cover plate system
Sizing system: Ultrafit+ system with height adjustment
Pads: Antibacterial pads

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“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”