Haibike Fatcurve 6.10, M suurus

990.00 € 1499.00 €

Üks ja ainus eksemplar. 

Mudeliaasta 2016 aga täiesti uus ja nüüd suurepärase hinnaga: 990 EUR.

With the "Fat Curve 10" Haibike offers an agile mountain bike hardtail with extra wide tires for mountain bike tours. With its carefree equipment, the "Fat Curve" will take you through any terrain, no matter how unruly. With its great traction, it offers a lot of fun on descents and runs uphill efficiently thanks to its low overall weight.


The light rigid fork ensures a low overall weight. It holds up to 5" wide tires and achieves high braking and steering rigidity thanks to the thru-axle.

The powerful hydraulic Magura "MT4" disc brakes always decelerate safely and reliably. The large 180mm front brake disc ensures better stability on descents and less wear.

The 20-speed Sram "GX" derailleur offers a wide range to always find the right gear, even on long tours. The high-quality shift levers change gears very crisply and always precisely.

The light aluminum frame ensures a balanced seating position and thus agile handling. Due to the larger hub width, the chain stays are shorter, which ensures more agile handling. The trains run maintenance-friendly on the frame. Up to 5" wide tires can be mounted for maximum grip.

The stable wheels offer a lot of safety off-road. The rims are milled to reduce weight and achieve agile handling.

The 4.9" wide tires offer excellent grip off-road, in the wet and on loose ground. Due to the greater width and lower pressure, they offer a lot of comfort and thus replace the suspension fork.


Fat bikes are suitable for any kind of mountain bike adventure, as they can be used on rough terrain with tires up to 4 inches wide. Due to the low tire pressure, they offer a lot of grip on loose soil, snow and mud and thus offer a lot of driving pleasure.


Haibike was founded in 1996 by Susanne and Felix Puello in Schweinfurt, where the company is still based in the Sennfeld district. The market is on the move. As a German manufacturer, Haibike wants to continue to be at the forefront with its know-how and explore new limits and continue to raise the bar a little higher for Haibike and for the entire market. The Haibike team vouches for every Haibike with all their passion.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”