Eastern Throttle pidurilink, noorukid

11.00 € 15.90 €

Alumiiniumsulamist noorukitele mõeldud pidurilingid (ulatus lenksuni väiksem).

Olemas vaid paremad lingid aga neid saab edukalt panan ka vasakule

Our forged alloy Throttle lever by Eastern Bikes is taylor made for young riders looking for a replacement brake lever. Made of strong 6061 forged alloy and features a lightweight design, long blade and hinged clamp for easy installs and removal. 

The Throttle lever is a great intermediate level brake lever
Lightweight design
Forged 6061 Alloy
Two Finger
Hinged Clamp
Weight: 68g

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”