Cycle Tech koerakorv jalgrattale

72.00 €

Kvaliteetne korv koera transportimiseks jalgrattal.

Saab kinnitada ette lenkstangile või pakiraamile. Pealmine osa eraldatav. Sees rihm koera kinnituseks. Käepide. Pakiraamile kinnituseks alumine klamber.

Soovituslik maksimaalne koera kaal 5 kg.

With this handy dog bed you take your dog now easily along on the bike! The bed is supplied with mounting, so that the basket both on your steering wheel, as is back on to confirm your luggage. The basket has a handle, so you will easily go everywhere the basket. Also included is a dome at the basket, so that your dog can not just jump out of the basket while cycling.

The dog basket is suitable for fixing to send with a diameter of 22.2 to 31.8 mm, and on luggage carriers with a width of 100 to 170 mm.

Color: black
Material: Steel
Basket dimensions: 41 x 31 x 21 cm
Dome Dimensions: 39 x 29 x 20 cm
Maximum capacity (send): 5 kg
Maximum capacity (carrier): 15 kg

Dog Basket with rack mounting.
Adapter for attachment to the wheel.
Foam mat for on the bottom.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”