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Carnac Podium SL kiiver, maanteele

35.00 € 49.00 €

35.00 € 49.00 €

Klassikaline tilgakujuline maanteeratturi kiiver.

Saadaval hetkel vaid S suuruses ja see on suurepärane uudis noortele või isegi lastele, sest see on väga hea hinna ja kvaliteedi suhtega ning just sobivalt väikse mõõduga kiiver.

26 õhuava, tagant reguleeritav, vaid 230 grammi kaaluv kiiver.

The Classic Teardrop bike helmet reinvented for a new generation of cyclists. Offering protection and comfort in equal measure the Carnac Podium cycling helmet mixes pro-peloton performance with everyday usability.

  • matchless comfort and protection
  • Computer modelled ventilation
  • Multi-way adjustability
  • Removable, Ag anti-bacterial treated pads

Every cyclist needs a bike helmet and the Carnac Podium is the perfect helmet for 95% of cyclists. With 26 air vents, you can be sure it will help keep you cool on even the hottest summer rides.

The Carnac Podium delivers protection and comfort in equal measure. Using a single-shot moulded construction ensures that the hard shell of the Podium offers maximum protection. Fused to the EPS core we know of no tougher way to construct a helmet. Ag-Ion treated anti-bacterial comfort pads allow you to optimise the fit while a 3-way adjustable occipital cradle offers a huge range of adjustment and easy fitting.

If it's time to you upgraded your old bike helmet to something better we suggest that you're ready to step up to the Podium.

Weight: 230gms (SML)

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”