12+1 reasons to choose Estonia for cycling holiday

12+1 reasons to choose Estonia for cycling holiday

Size is everything!
Estonia is small and distances are short. It means you can squeeze in lots of sightseeing and activities in a relatively short period of time. Everything is within easy reach. Within 10 days holiday you will see almost all what Estonia has to offer. With 2 weeks you can make cycle tour around whole country.

Clean air
According to international studies, the air in Estonia is clean. In a world-wide study, Estonia was amongst the countries that have the best air quality in the world. The air quality is mostly always good in the cities too, and the quality is basically never so bad that people would have to restrict their activities.

Exceptionally long summer days
Estonia lies 58-59 degrees north latitude. Because of the Northern location, the summer days in Estonia are exceptionally long. To put it simply: In summer, Estonia offers the most daylight hours for cyclists, from 3. a.m. to 23. p.m.! In August it is a bit shorter.

Varied scenery
You can choose to cycle in flat West- or North-Estonia or choose rolling hills in the South. Unspoiled woodlands alternate with mysterious bog massifs, coastal meadows and small villages.

Good and quiet roads, also smaller ones, are in good shape. Most of the Eurovelo routes and City Bike self-guided routes are on paved roads. Roads are generally well signed. Very few traffic outside of the main roads. We have around 1200 lakes and 2355 islands.

Empty road and a lot of signs, maybe even too many?

A lot of nature
Estonia is a nature lover’s paradise. From empty beaches to forests and bogs, beautiful rapids, lakes concealed among hills and hidden in bogs and islands with their unique nature, there is something for everybody to discover. Nature is easy to access: you can walk, hike and tent almost anywhere in the state forest or on the beach. Where else in Europe could you hope to encounter wild bears, wolves, lynx and flying squirrels? Nowhere. Storks are quite common by the roads. And you can pick berries from any roadside forest, our favourite ones are blueberries.

Get amongst the history. Your ride may take you to the site of a 13th century battle, to a choir performing Seto Leelo (pre-christian seto polyphonic singing and communication), or soviet occupation relics. On a bicycle, it is not hard to find traces of Estonia`s complex history wherever you go.

Perfect climate for cycling
Not too hot or too cold. In summer the daytime average temperature is about 23-24 degrees C, nights could be 10 degrees less. We do have occasional showers also in summer, so rain gear is good to have with you. And best of all for cycling, there is rarely much wind. Check the local weather report from here.

Cycle shops are all over the country
We have over 150 bicycle shops spread all over the country. You can be sure, that if something happens to your bike, you will always get help. Beside, you can ask help from you accommodation – they always know somebody who knows somebody who can fix the bike. As we said – it is a small country! Here is more detailed information about shops with links to Google maps.

Tourist information network – There are official Tourist Information Centers in all bigger cities and county centers. Ask for advice, maps or general tips on where to wine and dine and how to make the most of your holiday in Estonia. Most offices are open every day during work hours but check their individual times to be sure.

Wi-fi almost everywhere! Wireless internet known locally as wi-fi (pronounced “wiffy”). Wireless internet access points can be found in most public locations: parks, squares, pubs, cafés, restaurants, airports, trains, bus stations and sometimes it's even possible to access the internet in what seems a remote location, on a beach or in a forest. And it is almost always free! And if it is not, we are not happy and express it loudly! But seems people actually enjoy freedom more and more and don’t care that the damn information flow in their pocket, at least not on cycling holiday.

visitestonia.com image about wireless freedom

It is safe
Specially outside of Tallinn, it is safe, even in the night time. Of course it's essential to lock you bike when you park it, but in general you don’t have to worry about your bike or your stuff. And in Tallinn, our small capital, we recommend to keep your bike indoor all the overnights and during daytime just a proper lock will do the job.

Friendly people
A typical Estonian would like to portray himself as hard-working, reliable, smart, innovative and friendly. Though these qualities are all true, they are often kept as a hidden treasure. In attempt to avoid being seen as obtrusive or aggressive, Estonians (even service staff) keep to themselves and wait for you to make the first move. Once there, you will be greeted with an honest and kind attitude. Compliments given by an Estonians are genuine, handshakes are valid and invitations heartfelt.

Small and cozy places to stay. You can find really authentic tourism farms all over the country. Most of them have been authentically renovated or preserved.

English is widely spoken. Even in the countryside, you can manage with English. If not, there are always hand gestures and commonly known accepted marks that'll help you otherwise.

And last but not least we have a lot of space and air - Estonia only has 28 inhabitants per sq km. Most of people live in Tallinn and nearby. You can cycle all day not meeting anybody. Even the tourist areas in West-Estonia are not overcrowded, not to mention the shores of Lake Peipsi. Estonia’s coastline has hundreds of deserted beaches. Even in the height of summer you can find private space for yourself. 

Of course you expand the list with more reasons, we are happy to learn and spread!

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P