Bike transport from-to Tallinn airport

You like to cycle, but for getting to the start-point of your bike-tour, you prefer plane! In this case, this post is for you, a little help getting to airport or from airport or just packing your bike into box.

Arriving to Tallinn with your bike
So, you land at in Tallinn at Lennart Meri airport and you have your packed bike with you. If your luggage is light and small and you are able to get rid of the box at the airport, you can unpack your bike and just start cycling as airport is located only 4 kilometers from the center (Airport road is Tartu mnt and you need to turn right, down the hill and you are in the very heart of down town Tallinn). And in Estonia is there are no freeways, meaning you can ride on every road.

Secondly, you can ask us for the transfer. Price for 2 persons and 2 bikes from airport to the accommodation/City Bike office or backwards is 15 EUR. 4-6 people and bikes are transported by minivan for 20 EUR.
Also it is possible to grab a taxi, preferably big one to make sure your bike fits in there, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find a driver who wants to transport the bike. To city center, it takes about 15 EUR (make sure the meter is running and shouldn't pay extra for bikes). Take official taxi, standing on the arrival zone.

Thirdly you can also use public transport from Airport. Regular Bus no. 2 will take you from airport (bus stop Lennujaama) to downtown and harbour. Ticket from driver 1.6 EUR. Might be tricky with rush hour and there might be no space for big bike boxes!

If you have problem, where to put the box which could be easily used after for re-packing your bike, then City Bike can help you out. We are located in Old Town of Tallinn (Vene street 33). It is possible to store your bike box here for free.

Leaving from Tallinn with your bike
After a nice holiday you need to get your bike back by plane?
From City Bike you can get box for your bike for 3.50 EUR (City Bike uses the same cardboard boxes that new bikes come shipped in.)
Also you can get the full packing service, meaning our mechanic will do the job for you. (box, bubble wrap, cardboard, protection for frame, tape etc.) for 10 EUR.

If your flight is before the noon, we recommend to make the bicycle and big luggage check-in evening before (consult with your airline, just in case), then in the morning it is only walking through the security area with your cabin luggage.

Bicycle service prices in Estonia are much cheaper than in Centre-, North- or Western-Europe. The price-list of different mechanical services is here. You can think about it - maybe it is good idea to give your two-wheeled friend a good treatment after the tour! Or check it after flight, to make sure before the tour all is in good working condition.

Sending bicycle by mail (regular postal service)

We have also used local postal service to send bicycles abroad. Works quite simple. You pack your bicycle as for air travel, go to Omniva (Estonian postal service) centre and ask to send the parcel to the country you want to collect it. Average delivery time within Europe 2 weeks and cost per bicycle around 40 EUR. The box shoudn't be more than 150 cm long and no more than 30 kg.

For packing your bicycle safely we recommend to use some of the Youtube videos or just take a service at the local bicycle shop to make sure your bicycle is safely packed and ready for travel.

It is laos good idea to mark your bicycle box with your name and contacts. symbol below won't hurt aither.

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P