Baltic Bike Rental Prices & Conditions

Baltic Bike Rental Prices & Conditions

Since 2003 we operate on bicycle rental business and it's getting more and more popular.  

Many of our customers make it one way, starting from Tallinn or Riga or Vilnius and finishing somewhere other side of Baltics. Obvious and logic.

Here is in brief how it works and what you get (Tallinn point of view):

Trekking bicycle - 

  • we use Merida Crossway 20 models, frames 41-63 cm, male and female frames
  • we replace tires to punctureproof Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour or Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 - those are good for trekking and also for a bit of offroad tracks, if you choose so.
  • we add rack, mud guards, bottle holder
  • if you want more extra equipment, check it here, from panniers to GPS
  • Helmet and lock (Abus Bordo 6000) are included
  • small repair bag with: patches, spare tube, multitool, tire lever; also included. One per couple or group.
  • All this comes with only 9 EUR per day (we ask before rental 20% advance payment and mechanics will prepare your bike, according to your height and extras ordered). 
  • deposit 100 EUR

CycloCross or Road bike - 

  • from 2017 we have also Merida Cyclocross and road bikes for rent. Frames XS-XL.
  • you can choose tires (slick -25mm, cyclocross - 33mm, touring - 32-37mm)
  • you can get rack or some of them have to tow Bob Yak Trailer or use bikepack extras (no mounts to rack on some road bike models).
  • Price for 4+ days 13 EUR per day 
  • deposit 150 EUR

Electric bicycle, pedelec - 

  • We have modern Cube electric bicycles with Bosch engines and batteries
  • All our pedelecs are with low entry frame and with: rack, mud guards, lights, kick stand. Frames 46-54 cm, range up to 120 km.
  • Price for 4+ days 25 EUR per day
  • deposit 200 EUR

Deposit in our Tallinn office will be blocked from credit card. It will be kept until you finish the rental and bike arrives safely back to the starting point.

Insuarance - 

From 2017 we also offer insuarance for bicycles:

  • 2.5 EUR per day trekking / cyclocross / road bike. 1 week 15 EUR and extra 2 EUR per day. Basic deductible 100-200 EUR
  • 3.9 EUR per day for pedelec. 1 week 23 EUR and extra 3 EUR per day. Basic deductible 200 EUR
  • terms and conditions apply and will be described in details at the insuarance policy and contract
  • most important is to park the bicycle safely overnight. And it is important on big cities like: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Klaipeda. 
  • In our opinion careful cyclist don't need the insuarance cycling in Baltics, in normal circumtances but if it makes you more secure we have it for you.

Delivery / collection and transport services

Below is list of standard fees, sometimes we manage to get also pick-ups from different locations but they tend to be more pricy and time consuming. 

  • Hotel pick-up in Tallinn, central area, up to 3 km from City Bike office - 5 EUR per bicycle (10-19.00)
  • Tallinn Airport pick-up or drop-off, 15 EUR (2 passangers and bikes or boxes).
  • delivery to hotels - same as above. We don't recommend that, you might want to regulate something, try another frame or take some extra gear - this is not possible in front of hotel, while in the office it is matter of seconds.
  • Tallinn - Pärnu or vice versa 25 EUR (130 km) per bicycle, our parnter or accommodation*
  • Tallinn - Riga or vice versa 35 EUR (300 km) per bicycle, our parnter or accommodation*
  • Tallinn - Vilnius or Klaipeda or vice versa 40 EUR (600 km) per bicycle, our partner or accommodation*
  • Other places upon request only (close by Tallinn from 0.6 EUR per km (actual distance counted, destination 60 km from Tallinn will be 2 x 60 km x 0.6 EUR = 72 EUR.

* Certified accommodation with reception only. Private apartments not suitable.
Bicycles will be delivered with our cargo partners and time of arrival/pick-up is not known, will be between 09-17.00. Transport company can't add any equipment or anything can be left on their hands (if you decide not to have helmets you ordered). It will not be City Bike staff or mechanic!

Great company and good service! Keep riding! George P